= Updated Jan-06-2002

For Mariners, the new " Marine Product Dissemination Information" web page is now up on the net.
Tim Rulon NOAA did a great job, the site has a lot of good information’s for mariners.

An online and updated version of the Worldwide Marine Radiofacsimile broadcast Schedules is now available in PDF format  at:

  Main List (39K) Jan-2002

 Frequency Sorted List (23K) Jan-2002

 Satellite Rebroadcasts (8K) Dec-1999 (update soon)

 24 Hour Time Schedule (66K) Jan-2002

Dr Paolo Ciraci created a searchable radio facsimile database holding the usual information plus the geographic co-ordinates of the station; this gives the  possibility to show the position using the Xerox Park Map Viewer.

NAVTEX Introduction

NAVTEX Area/Time List

NAVTEX Station List

Coast Guard's NAVTEX Web page

HF Frequencies & ITU Channels

Broadcast Information’s on the maritime bands