APT Hamtronics

    The Hamtronics R139 is a very sensitive wideband fm receiver optimized for reception of NOAA  APT and Russian Meteor weather facsimile images on the 137 MHz band.

    You can use it with any popular demodulator and software.

The R139 has excellent sensitivity (0.2µV); so no preamp is needed for normal operation.
Special wideband filters enable low distortion for high quality imaging, even with doppler shift on the satellite signal. Five precision crystal controlled channels cover all popular satellites.

The R139 is much lower cost and easier to maintain than synthesized units!
And it is designed from the ground up for optimum satellite reception; not just an off-the-shelf scanner with a shorted-out IF filter!

Scan circuit and tape recorder control output allow you to automatically search for and record signals as satellites pass overhead, even while away from home.

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Hamtronics, and Hamtronics can ship to the buyer.

Hamtronics do not use distributors in order to sell to everyone at a good price and to give them good technical support.