Weather Resources

For Mariners, the new "Marine Product Dissemination Information " webpage is now up on the  net.
Tim Rulon NOAA did a great job, the site has a lot of good  informations for mariners.

Meteorological Organisations, Bureau´s and Institutes:

World Meteorological Organization - (WMO)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - (NOAA)

German Weather Service - (DWD)  Jul-06-1996

Met. Office - United Kingdom Meteorological Office

Royal  Netherlands Meteorological Institute - (KNMI)

Meteo France : Real time weather

Swiss Meteorological Administration

Risoe National Laboratory , Denmark

Finnish  Meteorological Institute, Finland

National Weather Service - (NWS)

Meteorological Service of New Zealand - MetService (NZ) Ltd

Bureau of  Meteorology, Australia

South African  Weather Bureau

Institute for Meteorology, FU Berlin

University of Hawaii Tropical Meterology

National Center for Atmospheric Research - (NCAR)

National Climatic Data Center - (NCDC)

National Geophysical Data Center - (NGDC)

National Oceanographic Data Center - (NODC)

National Severe Storms Laboratory - (NSSL)

United Nations Environment Program - (UNEP)

Weather Charts for the Worlds Ocean  Regions

 Gold Coast Weather.


  Weathermap Japan, from UCAR Unidata  Program Center

 Satellite Japan, from University of Tokyo

GMS and GOES Satellite , from University  of Hawaii Meteorology

Pacific Weather , from www.cidss.af.mil

NOAA and GMS Satellite , from National  Cancer Center (Tokyo)


  European weather Maps, from Steven De Schuiteneer, Belgium 

Institut Pierre Simon Laplace-Numerical Modelling Group , France

HAPEX SAHEL  Information System, France

Meteorological and Hydrological Service Zagreb, from Croatian Academic and Research Network

Geophysical Data of Norway from University of Tromsø

NOS TeleText , from Eindhoven University  of Technology

European Space Agency - ESA/ESRIN , Italy

European Centre  for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Meteo  Consult B.V., Netherlands

Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Lower and Upper  Atmosphere of (C.N.R.) , Italy

regionales Bodenseewetter, from meteomedia AG

Weather forecast Germany , by Meteofax Wetterdienste GmbH (in German)

Freese-Notis Weather.Net for Europe

European Centre  for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

Zentralanstalt fuer Meteorologie und Geodynamik, Austria

Klimadiagramm Frankfurt, from Andreas Gerster

GSI  Hamburg, Germany

Institut für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung Karlsruhe, Germany

University of Cologne, Department of Meteorology, Germany

Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany

Institut für Geophysik und Meteorologie der Universtät zu Köln , Germany

Royal Meteorological Society, UK


Climatic Research Unit , UK

Centre for Atmospheric Science, Cambridge University , UK

NERC Satellite Station, Dundee University , UK

University of Reading, UK

North America

Interactive display of the latest US weather written in  Sun Microsystem´s Java(tm) programming language. please click here.

Up-to-date Gulf stream maps from the NAVAL Oceanographic Office, GSSB.GIF , or GSNB.GIF

Environment Canada WWW Server , Canada

 Environment Canada, Downsview, Ontario , Canada

Climate Diagnostics Center (CDC) , USA

Florida  Institute of Technology , USA

Indiana  University Computer Science Web, USA

Michigan State University, USA

MIT Weather Radar Laboratory , USA

National Center for  Atmospheric Research, Colorado, Boulder, USA

Purdue Weather Processor ,Wisconsin, USA

Ohio State University Department, USA

University of  Illinois , USA

Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at NCSA,  Illinois, USA

Center for Air Sea Technology of Mississippi University, USA

National Weather Service Tallahassee , Florida/USA

UNAVCO,  University NAVSTAR Consortium, USA

University of Maryland at College Park,  USA

University of Oklahoma College of Geosciences, USA

Southern Regional Climate Center, USA

National Severe Storms Laboratory (NWSFO Norman), Oklahoma, USA

Rutgers  University , USA

Space Science  and Engineering Center (SSEC) , USA

Cooperative  Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies,  USA

Northern Illinois University , USA

Georgia Tech's School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, USA

Center for Meteorology and Physical Oceanography (CMPO), USA

Alaska Climate Research Center, USA

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) , USA

Climate  Prediction Center , USA

Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center (ABRFC) (NOAA/NWS), USA

NOAA/NASA  Pathfinder Oceans SST , USA

Global Change  Master Directory, USA

National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) , USA

National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) , USA

NASA Ames Research Center / SST , USA

 National Weather Service, Silver Spring , USA

 Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison (PCMDI) , USA

 NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California , USA

Naval Environmental Operational Nowcasting System (NEONS) , USA

United States Air Force Environmental Technical Applications Center , USA

Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA) , USA

Northeast Regional Climate Center , USA

Southeast  Regional Climate Center , USA

Freese-Notis Weather Home Page, USA

Environmental Sensors, Inc. , USA

Maps, Satellite , from Michigan State  University

Weather of Canada , from Environment Canada WWW Server

 Weather of Canada, from University  of Illinois

 Weather of USA, from University of Illinois

 Maps and Images , from UCAR Unidata  Program Center

 Maps and Images ,from American  Meteorological Society

 Weather reports and Forecasts for sale ,from Quote.Com

GOES Satellite, from University of Wisconsin-Madison

South America

Satellite IR, from Brasilian Space Agancy  (INPE)

Links to Images, Forcast Analysis, from Universidad de Chile

Reports , from Universidad de Chile



  National Cancer Center (Tokyo), Japan

Australia, New Zewland

Bureau of  Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia

Austrailian National University,  Australia

University of Melbourne, Australia


Croatian Academic  and Research Network , Croatian

Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Universität Köln, Germany

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne,  Switzerland

University of Edinburgh, UK

North America

American Meteorological Society, USA

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP), USA

 UCAR  Unidata Program Center, USA

University of Illinois , USA

Michigan State University, USA

University of Minnesota, USA

University of Minnesota, USA

University of  Wisconsin, USA

Purdue University, USA

University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Florida  State University, USA

Southern Regional Climate Center, USA

Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center (ABRFC) (NOAA/NWS), USA

South America

Universidad de Chile

FTP Server


 University of Tokyo , Japan

Australia, New Zewland

 AARNet Archive Server , Australia


 The  University Studies on Svalbard , Norway

EPF  Lausanne , Switzerland

Swiss  Meteorological Administration , Switzerland

NERC Satellite Station, Dundee University, UK

Nottingham University, UK

British Antarctic Survey , UK

North America

 Standford University, USA

photo1.si.edu , USA

explorer.arc.nasa.gov , USA

boa.gsfc.nasa.gov , USA

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center , USA

National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) , USA

Magazines/ Journals/ Texts:

Electronic Meteorology Textbook - from  Uni of Illinois, Dept of Atmospheric Science

Monthly Summary of Tropical Cyclone Activity and Forecasts - from UK Met Office

Supplements to Atmospheric and Oceanic Journals

WeatherWatch Magazine

Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences E-prints  Archive

AMS  Newsletter

Electronic periodicals and texts via Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library

AGU  Journals - Contents of current issues - GRL, JGR, Rev. Geophys. etc

Other Meteorology Resources:

sci.geo.meteorology  newsgroup - Read & contribute to discussions  on meteorology

Weather/meteorology newsgroup - Wx-talk newsgroup

Weather  FAQ's - a comprehensive list of meteorology sites, data sets, satellite images etc.

Index of meteorology sites from Free University of Berlin.

Acronyms list from UCAR - What are QPF, LLWAS, TIWEX, BMRC? All acronyms.

Global list of meteorology servers

Weather World - web version of Weather  Machine.

World Weather Forecasts - 2 day forecasts for most cities.

World's weather - from Meteorology  Department, University of Maryland.

Yahoo index to weather & meteorology sites

NOAA Central Library

The WWW Virtual Library